Saturday, March 4, 2017

Project Spotlight - 11 Falling Leaves Shawl

11 Falling Leaves Shawl

I can't remember the last time I knitted a project just for fun. More than that, one that I didn't design myself.  Note to self: I definitely need to do this more often.

I'm not usually a shawl knitter, or a shawl wearer for that matter, but I just could not pass this pattern up. 11 Falling Leaves is relatively simple in construction, a little garter stitch, some eyelet rows, stockinette stitch and short rows, but the stunning detail is of course the intricate lace leaf border that runs along the edge. 

I'm also not usually much of a lace knitter, I always fancy that one day I won't be quite so intimidated by complex lace patterns. However, this lovely detailed lace was surprisingly easy to knit from the chart. I'll be honest here, I did make a few mistakes and had to tear back some rows, but the final outcome was so worth any frustration I may have felt at the time. 

This is such a versatile piece, I can easily see myself wearing this in spring, summer and early autumn over a light blouse or dress. Currently (March in Northern California) I'm wearing it as a scarf. 

Overall, super pattern, love love love it. Find 11 Falling Leaves here.

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